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Experts Call for Public Awareness as Dengue Symptoms Similar to Covid-19

Experts Call for Public Awareness as Dengue Symptoms Similar to Covid-19

Amid second wave of coronavirus infection, healthcare experts on Monday urged masses to take extra cautions as the seasonal ailments like viral flue, dengue and various other diseases may further add to the situation and deteriorate healthcare system in the country.

Talking to a private news channel, health experts said dengue virus and the COVID-19 virus have similar symptoms at the early stage and people generally mix infection of both COVID-19 and dengue which could cause havoc for the patients during the current season.

DDHO Karachi East, Dr Anila Qureshi stressed for collective efforts to deal with the situation instead of spreading panic in society, adding public awareness is the only way to prevent dengue fever.

She also advised policy makers to take urgent steps to ensure healthcare systems both at the federal and provincial government level for handling any kind of healthcare emergency.

She expressed caution that if the seasonal viral infections like dengue and malaria fever spread in addition to existing coronavirus pandemic, there was a chance that people with already weak immune system would face difficulty.

The best way was to take precautions and preventive measures to avoid stagnation of water where mosquitoes could breed. No medicinal cure was therefore either of the two ailments, just symptomatic treatment, so people should be alert, she suggested.

Focal person National Institute of Health Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan said country’s Covid-19 positivity rate has risen. He urged people to cooperate with the authorities and follow coronavirus precautionary measures.

Numbers are high, and they keep going up so it’s really important that they were monitoring to take care of ourselves and our family members, he added.

He also mentioned that the coronavirus related research is underway and more work is required to get the authentic information regarding COVID-19.

The agreed points were that it was a virus which was followed by the symptoms including fever, cough, body ache, loss of smell and taste, he explained.

Everyone must observe all precautionary measures to stay safe and healthy. It was important to wear face mask and observe sufficient distance in gathering, he stressed.

Another medical expert Dr. Tariq Sohail said it was very difficult to differentiate between seasonal fever, cough and COVID-19 pandemic symptoms without proper testing. One must be careful if fever, pain or cough persists for more than 24 hours. Seasonal flu related to allergy is not followed by the fever, he said.

Cough, fever, body ache and loss of smell are the strongest symptoms of COVID-19. No one must not delay the management of COVID-19 infection, he added.

It was very difficult to diagnose the carriers of COVID-19 clinically, he said adding, people must observe all precautionary measures, including wearing masks and keep social distancing to stay safe themselves and keep others safe.

Trials were being held for Chinese vaccination and it would be available in the market in the coming months after successful experiments, he hoped.

Source: APP

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